Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bragging Day 4/20 – Jodiann Styles

So today I’m going to brag a little… about Jodiann,
I’m mentioned the lovely Jodiann before

Well as a member of her Elite CTC Team (cue Mission Impossible Theme music) I get to try out the super cool styles she makes, post them on the web for all to see and then step back and allow her to take all the credit, cause let be honest here, she did all the real
work I’m just playing. (…and bongo drums out!)

And here’s what I made….

Isn’t she the cutest?  So tough, but still so sweet. 
I love tagger templates, so much fun to play with and you end up with these cute little things, perfect for card fronts.  One thing to remember with Tagger supplies - they are saved in 72dpi, much lower then normal digiscrap supplies are saved at 300dpi, but you knew that, so if you’re going to use the templates make sure you save them the higher dpi for better print quality.  But tagger kits will be all 72 dpi, I haven’t tried printing with any so be warned.

This is Hope and she’s a Digital Stamp from Whimsie Doodles.  I love digistamps too.  Between the tagger templates and the digistamps you could make yourself up a mess of cards in no time!  Print – cut - fold and viola! you’re ready for anything!

So for this one I used Jodiann’s Chalkies-Vickie’s Beach Styles on all the layers of Hope.  (She didn’t come with layers,as most digi stamps don’t.  If you’re interested in learning about this I can write it up, just leave me a note in the comments.)  I copied the layer of her bandana and added the Cute Dot Style and did the same with the sneakers but did a layer of the Light Dot Style first then the Cute Dot each on a separate layer adjusting the opacity of each as I needed to get the look I wanted.

A hint on using styles in small spaces, like Hope’s bandana and such.  Do each color as a layer, for this I filled with gray then applied the style, if the style’s graphic was too large for the item, in this case I only got two dots on an area that small when I wanted lots, I just grabbed a corner of the layer and drug it out till I was satisfied with the scale of the dots filling the bandana and then I simplified the layer and drug the corner back in till it was the right size again, lined it up and went on the the next.  Does that make sense?  If not leave me a comment and I will write up a little something to explain better. :o)

The background shapes are filled with the Dot Cute, Chalkies and Robot Princess again then simplified and shadowed.  The background is the Gelly Hearts over a layer of Chalkies.

Jodiann’s Chalkies – Vicki’s Beach Styles
Jodiann’s Dot Cute Styles
Jodiann’s Gelly Hearts Styles
Jodiann’s Light Dot Styles
Tagger template by BelVidotti Scraps
Hope Fights Digistamp by Whimsie Doodles
(All proceeds from this stamp goes to Breast Cancer Research)
Font: Just Another Font by the Pizza Dude, <3 luv his fonts!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.
See you again soon!

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