Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sad Week for me…

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, you won’t believe the weeks I’ve been having.  The Memorial Day weekend was nice, a little overcast but the few days before had given us in Upper Nowhere Land Minnesota a taste of summer and it’s been a few years since we’ve had any of that.  And so I was actually excited to get out and get my fingers in the dirt.  I was pretty jealous that the Super Stylish Jodiann had strawberries already (see this post) and I barely had greenery in my yard!  So we’ve been hitting the greenhouses and farmer’s market with a fury to get our garden started.  And of course no one had much of anything.  The one time you depend on them to have something because they always have, they don’t!

So we were distracted but noticed that our puppy, Bronwyn (just over a year old) wasn’t eating much.  I chalked it up to hormones, she was coming off a heat (I know bad pet owner!) but it didn’t seem to stop.  She was never a huge eater but she could when she wanted to.  Well this went on all weekend, but she was drinking, and kept trying to eat grass in the yard, but of course once she was inside started to throw it back up. 

We tried everything and anything, short of Gatorade, rice, little rice balls with beef stock, table scraps, anything to get her to eat.  I got her to take a little yogurt, thinking it may have been a tummy thing.  Well, I finally gave in because she wasn’t showing signs of improvement, in fact she didn’t want to even go out anymore. (Never a good sign!)  So I got her into the vet Wednesday morning.

My Charlie on the left and My Girl, Bronwyn, on the right.

Can we run some tests?  Probably a piece of toy caught in her belly, she was quite the vigorous chewer, most times she rowlfed the pieces back up but this time wasn’t happening.  Of course, xray says nothing, can we do a barium scan and bloodwork?  It could be parvo or an UTI.  I say, how about a barium, got to be a toy I kept telling myself.  Well I had to call the sweetest mother in law on the planet and ask for help, I was ready to skip this month’s mortgage payment and let the pieces fall where they may but she said she knew how important those silly critters are too us and she knew it’s what we’d want to do.

So with financial backing after they said we need to surgery because what we put in (the barium) ain’t coming back out and her tummy was huge now.  (Got to be a toy and they’ll get it out and my baby will come home, breathe, repeat.)  A while into the surgery the doc calls, it appears as though poor sweetie has taken in a large amount of dental floss at some point in her young life, and now said floss is cutting her inside up and through her tummy and small intestine.  I’m sure she consumed it a little more than year ago when miss thing decided it was time to give up her sweet puppy (ie: "if i don’t find anyone to take it I’ll dump her in the woods” – true story – there are idiots out there that still do that crap.) 

So now I’m mad, I know it didn’t come from here but we told the Doc if she thought Bronwyn could handle it cut it out, if not we are not worth sticking around for.  Well they cut, she was up the next morning wanting to be walked because she’s a good girl that would never “go” in her kennel.  And they gave her the meds for the morning and by the time we got in to see her she was pretty out of it.  We talked to her for a while and told her if it hurt too much she could go ahead and go and our Polly (another tragic story of dogs loved and lost) would be waiting for her. 

We didn’t get to see the doc while we were there, it was pretty busy and so after an hour or waiting I figured they better get her back on her IV and I went home to wait for the doc’s call.  About 2 he called to say she was gone, it was just too much for her.  So my little girl is gone and there’s a big hole in my heart, I miss my little house shadow (she followed me everywhere) but I’m glad she’s not trying to hobble through for my benefit.

So here’s my little tribute to my girl.

Of course because I never stop scrapping, I want to give credit to Jodiann for the effects in the picture, the wings are made with Robot Princess Styles and the lettering is Clear Cover Styles over a peachy pink base.

Thanks so much for stopping by and listening to my story, I’ll be back soon with the things I’ve been doing to keep myself busy.  Thanks again.

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