Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving Sale!!

Amy Stoffel is moving but some of her lovely kits aren’t going with to the new store and you can get a great deal on a pile (all) of her fantastic kits!


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

theStudio NDC: Week 2 Freebies

Congrats to me I made it through to week 2, but unfortunately because I chose to spend the weekend cleaning out and moving things around I ran out of time to get my entry done and in on time.  (Missed it by about 30 minutes!)

I was so mad at myself you can’t even imagine, still mad to tell you the truth. Especially since no one around here seemed to appreciate anything I’d done. Granted it was long over due but….

Anyway, I digress, everything happens for a reason, right? So since I had made the kit for the competition, I couldn’t very well not share my work. The theme was summer afternoon and we could pick our own palette too!

I was totally inspired by the feel and the palette of the land my inlaws have farmed for many many years and what a wonderful time we had the summer I took this photo, coincidentally it was the summer we got married too.

Here’s the kit:
Basic Preview Template **Wait a second, there is a problem with the flowers in this kit, they were sold as CU but in fact are not, I’m working on changing them right now, please check back this afternoon for the edited kit**

And I also have an Add-On of extra papers:
zvwpaa[1]  Click on image for download

And just in case you didn’t get
last week’s entry here it is one more time.15cy36[3]   Click on image for download

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

theStudio NDC: Week 1 Freebie

Squeeeeee!!! I’m so excited!!! It’s week one of theStudio Next Designer Contest and I got my entry in on time and I think (?) I may have done it right!! As in, hopefully I didn’t miscount my elements or anything.

Our assignment for the first week was an interesting color palette of pastels, blues, pinks, purples and gray. And the theme “Daybreak”. We could name it whatever but we were to try to stay in the theme of daybreak. (I sooo have a Barry Manilow song stuck in my head, and an odd mental imagine of him jazz handing and high kicking down a glittery stage lit set of stairs.)

I thought about “Morning Has Broken” but that wasn’t really the inspiration I needed either, then it hit me…. a little bit of an old Folger’s commerical, then the music started… cue Jimmy Durant….. a little “Sleepless in Seattle” moment hit me.

bum bum… bum bumbum bum…. bum bum… bum bumbum bum…. {Make Someone Happy intro, then fade into Carly Simon}… in the wee small hours of the morning, when the rest of the world is fast asleep…

Whirl them all up in a blender that is my brain and you get…..

“Wee Small Hours” my entry into this week’s competition.
15cy36[1]  And this kit is FREE!!! Yep, yep, yep!

But I’d like to ask a favor… would you please go to my gallery at theStudio to get the download links, just so I can get a few more views on my gallery, ya know, make it look like someone would be interested in buying my stuff…. someday…. please?

MY GALLERY at theStudio LINK there are three different download locations in the gallery so if 4shared is running too slow you have options to get it from the other two. It’s the same download at all three though. Just do you don’t think I split it into three download, cause I didn’t. ;)

Oh and I scrapped with it too!!


I really hope you enjoy the kit!  Hope I make it through the elimination to go on to next round too! "{fingers crossed}

Thank you for stopping by!! Feel free to leave comments here or at theStudio!! Thank you again!

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