Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year! And Amy Stoffel news!!

Hey ya’ll!!  Happy New Year!

What a crazy year so far, I’m working working working on resetting up my computer.  I had a horrible crash the weekend before Christmas.  It’s just been heart wrenching, and sooooo much worse than anyone can every describe it.  We all think that we can get around it.  That we’ll never have that problem, well, sorry to tell you but wishing does not make it not happen. 

My dear Hubs got the laptop back to work with my original hard drive but that won’t get me back some fantastic sledding pics and my littlest’s holiday program…. {{sigh}} HUGE thanks to my dear sweet wonderful mother-in-law, with her generosity I’m set back up again with a brand new desktop.  (I sooo don’t deserve such a wonderful lady in my life!!)  And bonus on top of bonus we are now the proud owner of a Clickfree backup system!!  I love this thing, no brainer on the backing up, super easy set up.  This is a good thing!

And there is a  TON of memory on this desktop that I can’t wait to fire up on something.  But I was under the impression that my older versions PSE didn’t work with Windows 7, so I got myself a copy of PSE 9 when it was on sale, turns out that the older might just work, problem is I don’t have the serial number and so I’m stuck with my 9 and I don’t like it.  I heart PSE 5 so much and miss it sorely, so maybe some sifting through crap in the basement I’ll find it, but till I guess I’ll just shut up and learn the darn thing if I wanna scrap at all, which I want to do so desperately I can’t stand it.

So wish me luck!

Before I go I want to let you know about some fantastic things I’m so behind I don’t have anything to show you I’ve done with it, but I’ll be playing soon!

Amy Stoffel has a series of kits based on some super song titles, and I love these songs so BONUS!!


(and of course each is available separately.)

Also in Amy news:


CT Leader Jen, is hostessing a chat on Tuesday with our dear Miss Amy!!  I’m so excited!

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!!