Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scrapper’s Delights – True Romance

Well, as you all probably know by now, I’ve fallen head over heels for Scrapper’s Delights products!  I can’t help myself they are just too cute!  And if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, once I clamp on to a designer I believe in I don’t let go.  See my Winter’s Magic post for the first in what will probably be a long series of gushings about Janice’s super cute kits.  

Well this month she released a super romantic Valentine’s kit
that just so classy you’ve got to see it.

Now before you say anything, yes I know my layouts are not Valentine-y.  The hubs is not a huge fan of having his picture
taken so there’s not many I haven’t used in other layouts
already so I went the opposite direction and wanted to
show the versatility of this kit. 
(And I just have to be difficult/different and not follow the theme.)

Photo aging product by Gunhilde Storeide all other items from True Romance by Scrapper’s Delights.

Maybe a little explanation would help this one, I’m a big George Burns fan more of a crush actually.  I wanted to make this a “born too late” kind of thing, but I couldn’t find a pic of me with George (from Madame Tussaud’s of course) but the cards in the background easily lent to the playing card Janice included with the kit so I just went where it lead me.  I made the cards by stretching the red background a little and clipping it to the card face, to keep the shape consistent.  Then I added a Vegas style card back with the black velvet alpha included with the kit.  A little outer glow and Rickles font and voila! we have perfectly Vegas inspired tribute to a wax idol. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stop by the Scrapper’s Delights blog and give it a looky-lou or the store and pick up a copy of True Romance.  I’m sure I will be back with more fabulousness from this kit (hint-hint).  There’s all kinds of fantastic things coming from SD soon so stay tuned!

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Melly Scraps – Puzzled

Oh, such a bad blogger, I’ve just been playing with all the goodies and not sharing the fun with you. 

I’ve got to tell you about this new toy I’ve got from the wonderful Melly, Puzzled Photo Masks.   This is sooo much fun I can’t even tell you, and Melly’s made it so easy that… well even I can do it! ha-ha!

You’ve gotta see what I’ve made so far (well other than the stunning sunset photo in the example above, he-he.) When the Sweet Melly asked to include it in her product packaging and I (of course) said yes!  My dreams of the next Thomas Mangelson is starting to come true!  And if you don’t know who he is you’ve got to check out his absolutely stunning photography, here’s my favorite. 

We have a fancy framed up version in our living room, I love it so much.  She reminds me of my dear sweet old lady dog, Raskal. 

Can you see the resemblance?  The salesman at the gallery said that the bear is a female that had spent the morning down on the river scarfing down salmon after salmon during their up river run and crawled herself up to this old log and settled down for a long nap.  Whether that’s true or not I don’t know but I love this picture and a “story” is always nice, but isn’t that what scrapbooking all about?

So anyway back to Melly, and here fab new toy.  Now I know this goes with out saying but this is great tool for ANY kit you already own, but of course I will show you my examples using Melly’s super fantastic and versatile products, because that’s how I roll!

Credits: Puzzled Photo Mask, frame
This Is Me both by Melly Scraps

On this one I put a little perspective “magic” on the puzzle field, which is super easy to do in Elements and I think it helps the illusion of the pieces falling into place. 
Credits:  Puzzled Photo Masks (heart field), 
paper and elements from His and Hers, glitter from Icing
all by Melly Scraps,
font: Baby Boston by Kevin & Amanda
at least I could swear that’s where it’s from
but I can’t find it there, but I did find it here.

I want to mention that these masks do work in Elements (I had some problems with E5 but I know it will work with E6,
but that’s all probably operator error ;o) ) And of course with the real version of Photoshop it will work too.  Melly has written up some super simple directions so you can “make it work!” and if not you can contact her via email (in the info kit) or leave me a comment here and see what I can do to help you or I’ll get you to Melly. 
Or if you have questions about adding perspective
let me know and I’ll write up a tutorial. 
I hope you’ll check out Melly’s Puzzled Photo Masks
and all her other fabulous products at DSDI.

Bye for now, I’ll be back soon with more fabulousness!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The party begins…

The Birthday celebration over at Enchanted Studio Scraps has begun!  First up is the Scavenger Hunt set up by the lovely Janice of Scrapper’s Delights and ESS Pixies Talia & Laura.  It looks to be a doosy but the ladies have already started and are having a great time.  There are ten clues to be found and the prize looks pretty good:

  • 1-5 clues correct get a $1 coupon to Scrapper’s Delights Store
  • 6-9 clues correct get a $5 coupon to Scrapper’s Delights Store

  • 10 clues correct get a $10 coupon to Scrapper’s Delights Store

Looks like a pretty good deal to me, the hunt runs till Jan 8, so there’s still time to enter, see you there!