Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Magic by Scrapper’s Delights

Before we start the layouts I want to show you this, from the Better Homes' and Gardens Christmas Decorations slideshow:
(Image is linked if you’d like to see more.)

My boys and house critters (dogs and cats) would have this thing stripped in minutes!!  I can’t even imagine what torture this must be for the children who live in that house!  Because if you start eating the tree before Christmas, you’ve ruined the decorations, so

you gotta wait till at least Christmas morning after you’ve taken all the pix of opening presents, right?  Well maybe we could start on the backside for now….

Umm with a diabetic in the house I guess it’s best not to even entertain the idea.  I’m seriously debating the Second Annual Gingerbread House display.  We started the tradition last year and I hoped to keep it going, the boys had so much fun decorating their little house I made for them out of graham crackers, and this year my DMIL picked me up some Wilton cookie cutters that cut out the house shape for you so no messing with patterns.  I’m so excited, we picked up buckets of candy at the dollar store yesterday, but now I’m unsure if I should put that much temptation out for the hubs.  Maybe we can make a nice one for each of the boy’s classes Christmas party next week, that will get the bug out of my system, but they won’t get all the fun they had last year, hmmm decisions, there’s always sugar free candies, but I’m not real big fan of the taste or the effects. So we’ll see, I just have to hide them maybe.

So I HAVE to show you this super fun kit from Scrapper’s Delights, it’s new this month and I got to play with it, I had so much fun!!  I’ve said it before and I know I will say it again I’ve very nervous of fantasy kits, but in the end I have soooo much fun with them that I don’t know why I get so nervous, it’s kind of freeing to have an imaginary world where you can do what you want.  So here’s what I came up with for Winter Magic, the little fairies in the kit are sooo stinkin’ cute (and kinda hot too!) that I couldn’t resist.  I’m gonna make The Hubs a new backdrop for his computer with these pretty girlies too! ;o)

(Image is linked to ESS store)

And here are my layouts:

This is our house this year, we switched to LED icicle lights last year, this year I found the blue so we mixed them up, let me tell you what, there isn’t a spot in the front yard you can’t see, these suckers light up the place!  And with all those penguins in the front yard, you gotta make sure they are seen.  (LOVE penguins!)

This is my oldest boy over his first four Christmases, I love the bow on the top of his head and the crazy hair as he rips wrapping paper apart in front of the tree, and that is our tree actually.  Janice put some gorgeous trees in the kit, but to keep it realistic (ha!) I added ours.  Best tree I’ve ever had, it’s fiber optic so no lights to string!!  I rarely put ornaments on, with little hands, inquisitive kitty paws, and lab’s tails, there’s just no keeping ornaments safe.  So I hang a garland of green on the wall or across the curtain rod and hang them from that.  Keeps them safe because you never want to find your dog eating the kid’s macaroni art ornament.

Well, that’s about it for today, tomorrow I am the bearer of Trixie Scrap’s present for her 4th day of The Twelve Days Of Christmas.  I can’t wait to show you!  But run over to Trixie’s today and get caught up on all the lovelies the ladies have made so far.

Oh and one last thing, the brilliant Melly has a new Retro Christmas kit coming out I just can’t wait to show you what I made…. but you have to wait till Friday!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Oh they are fantastic Sandy

    I love the blend of fantasy elements from the kit and your photo it really does give it a feel of MAGIC!
    Great extractions they are so cute especially the little boy with the bow on his head lol

    Thank you Sandy for playing with my kit and I am glad you had fun XXXX


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