Friday, December 18, 2009

Retro Christmas by Melly Scraps

Hello all!  Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  It must be getting close I started on my Christmas cards this week!  Haha!

Melly has a great new kit out today called: Retro Christmas

And can you believe it Virginia?  Yes, there is a Santa Claus with prices this fantastic!  It’s only $1.50, an intro price that will blow your bobbie socks right off your feet!!!!  
  I played around and made some super cute cards (don’t look sis, I want yours to be a surprise, hehe!)

And I did a layout, these are pix from 1950 something, they are of my Grandparents and my Aunt.  I love working with the old photos, it’s such a challenge to clean them up and then find something that will frame them right without looking unbalanced.  It was my oldest’s idea to put them in the frames like gifts, pretty clever wouldn’t you say?

So rush on over to DSDI and pick up Melly’s kit while the price is still smoking hot!

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