Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Publisher's Picks Jan 5 -

My guest shop is open and it's my first Publisher's Pick at The Digital Press!! Publisher's Picks sales run Tuesday through Thursday each week and everything will be 50% off during the sale. 

In the sale this week I have some re-releases: 

Also I will have the Pocket Cuts: Winter Candyland journal cards available.

I'm doing something new at The Digital Press. I've split the digital PNG cards from the SVG/DXF cutting file version. And changed (lowered) the price. (No use buying something you're not going to use. Right?) Before the Publisher's Picks discount they are only $.50 per card!! Can't beat that for a cutting file price. And now, through Thursday, they're 50% off!!

I hope you'll come by and see us at The Digital Press. Check out the forums and challenges too. Did you know there are two hybrid challenges each month at TDP?

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!!

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