Thursday, August 11, 2011

Calgon, take me away!!! And a hybrid Freebie alert!!!

It’s been a crazy crazy summer!  Normally our summers are pretty quiet, but these last few weeks have been crazy!!  We had a great visit with my Dear MIL.  And I can’t wait for school to start to get a little tiny routine back in our day.

I think this layout sums up how I’m feeling lately!  I’d love a vacation but it’s just not gonna happen, well not like I’d like it. 

Here’s what’s in it…
Paradise Found by One Little Bird
Janie & June by One Little Bird
Smartmouth by One Little Bird

Construction Zone by Kristin Aagard
Storytime Collab by Kristin Aagard
Splish Splash by Kristin Aagard
Backyard Adventures by Kristin Aagard
Tropical Paradise by Kristin Aagard

After 5 Designers Collab - Paradise Found

Coral Reef by DigiJunkie

Mom's Helper by Amy Stoffel

Font: Fineliner Script    (wow, that’s a lot of stuff!)

Oh, I wanted to share with you the latest Hybrid Challenge at Zig Zag Scraps by yours truly. Winking smile

Want a closer look at what you can make?

And the second one I made… well I have thing for Bargello Quilts, if I thought I could keep up with the huge number of fabrics in a real Bargello Quilt, I’d soooo do it!  Here’s one I’d Love Love to make, but I’m not a fan of these particular fabric colors.

So here’s my version, no sewing required.

Okay I’m going to get going, I’ll be back soon it’s getting late with more layouts and hybrids I’ve done in the last month or 12. Winking smile I wanna show you more but I want to make sure that my credits are right.  The above layouts are linked up so you can see which fabulous Zig Zag Designer products I’ve used. 

See ya soon!!

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