Monday, May 10, 2010

Jodiann’s – Sweet Strawberries

The Super Stylish Jodiann has a nummy new Strawberries {CU} extraction pack out at her NEW STORE at DigiScrap Warehouse.   

And if looking at those gorgeous strawberries isn’t enough to get you interested here’s what you’ll get in the pack:
~8 unique strawberry extractions, various shapes and sizes. All with leaves. Some duplicated without leaves for cleaner clustering, more flexible designing or for adding your own leaves, doodles, etc.
~Set of 5 strawberry tops included. Add them to your strawberries in your own way or just give your clusters and spills more interest. ~~Total PNG count on this pack, 17.

And as if I don’t wish I was Super Stylish Jodiann enough, with all her super talents, brains, beauty and fantastic personality, these strawberries are from her very own garden!!! {{Sooo Jealous!!}}  I can’t even wrestle my strawberries away from the slugs (eww) let alone have strawberries in May!  Well without a trip to the supermarket anyway. he-he!  Can you believe it snowed on my garden this weekend??  And if you believe the weather man (and who does??) we may get more tonight!!  So glad I haven’t taken the plastic off the windows yet but the good news is the heater hasn’t been on for a few weeks so that good right? 

Of course that could explain the horrible sinus thingy/cold I have right now, hmmm… hopefully only a few more days of dragging this tissue box around the house.   The Hubs isn’t too upset about the snow, it wasn’t enough to shovel and he got out of mowing the yard this weekend!  I just hope my flowers survive this strange weather pattern, my daffydills were coming up beautifully and some darling tulips (my fav) had just begun to poke their heads out.  And my little bleeding heart was doubling by the day I should have thrown a bucket over it before bed Friday night, well if it’s still kicking I’ll do it tonight.

So don’t forget to check out the fruits of Jodiann’s labors because unlike strawberries you buy in the store these one’s never go bad and they are on sale till Friday at 30% off!!!  Available exclusively at DigiScrap Warehouse. 

I’ll probably be back later today with the reveal of Scrapper’s Delights new kit: Mother Nature and my layouts.  Now what are you waiting for go get them berries!!!

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  1. Hey Girlie-poo! I am sorry you are getting snowed on! LOL! That is some strange business!

    Take care of that sinus thing, you want to be tip top when Spring comes back!

    Thanks for all the adorable things you said about me and my Strawberries! You are a Doll!!

    DSW is on a downed server at the moment, could be a day or two before they are up and running again, so links are all good, just having server problems!

    Hugs and More Hugs!



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